Shopping Extravaganza – Bath & Body Works

by poonam


Shopping Extravaganza – Bath & Body Works

I waited so long to get my hands on Bath & Body Works stuff but the wait is finally over. I grew so restless when I saw the BB store for the first time that literally jumped inside.

Bath & Body Works Haul-Part 1

I enjoyed venturing in the BBW store with all the pretty looking body lotions adoring the shelves and so wanted to put everything in my bag.

Bath & Body Works Shoppng Haul-Part 1.jpg

I started with sniffing and testing body lotions one by one to select my favorite fragrances but I gave up only after 2 and from then on selected lotions by their names. I am not sure if its only me but everything started smelling the same after few minutes.

Bath & Body Works Body Lotions haul1
Bath & Body Works Body Lotions&Creams Haul1

So, this is what all I picked at my first encounter with Bath & Body Works.

Bath & Body Works Lotions Mists & Body Creams Haul1

I think this isn’t enough for me and there is much more left for me in BBW… So may be another haul!! Wat say!!

Have a good day guys!!