Accessorize Eye Shadow Palette: You Are Everything Review, Swatch

When “ Accessorize Eye Shadow Palette Exposed” created havoc in blogging world, I was completely ignorant of the brand and its pretty palettes. Later, when I saw the swatches as well as the palette, it barely interested me as it was devoid of any color and I am not a neutral person at all. Then came in sight another two beautiful palettes from Accessorize,  I planned to buy Lovely Day first because I was going through “Leopard print” obsession phase but the assortment of shades in You Are Everything palette made me ditch my love for leopard prints and pick up this truly colorful palette. So, let’s see how good is this , Accessorize Eye Shadow Palette in You Are Everything.

Accessorize You Are Everything Palette

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Makeup Lust List – March 2014

by poonam on March 23, 2014

Makeup Lust List – March 2014

Hello fellow makeup addicts,

At times, I feel I need a makeup de-toxication session but the thought is as short lived as sneeze. ;). It comes and go away like it was never here. Another distraction could be blamed to all the pretty makeup launches by brands which bring me to my knees and I see myself bribing God to bless me with some of these beauties soon.

Me To God: I promise I will behave like a good girl from here on.. :D

Makeup Lust List- March 2014

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Sneak Peak: Posts Preview

by poonam on March 22, 2014

Sneak Peak: Posts Preview

Hello Everyone,

Today I will be sharing an insight on what all is coming up over the next few days on the blog. This will not only help me to be regular on the posts ( I am trying all the fundas and Tantrums..) but also give you  a chance to sort the list of posts that really interests you. I will not be divulging much details here (Drama machine.. ;) and keep you guessing if you find any surprises in the pictures below ;)

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MAC Face and Body foundation- C4 Review

Hey Gurllzz,

Its time to finally talk about first in-store MAC purchase. The MUA put it with a synthetic foundation brush, just few swipes around my face and she was done, no blending nothing. I was dubious she must be in a hurry but there was nobody in the store, I also checked in mirror and I couldn’t see any streak just a beautiful glowing skin. I couldn’t hold myself from this magical liquid, so today I’m reviewing my favourite MAC Face and Body foundation.

MAC Face&Body Foundation

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Best Illuminators/Highlighters: Key to Gorgeous Glow!!

Illuminators or shall I say “Light Reflectors”..which will exactly define the purpose of highlighters. They create an illusion of naturally glowing skin with their light reflecting formula by scattering the beam in various I sound like narrating a Physics chapter from class and the much loved Prism Experiment :P . Skin illuminators come in different colors so you can choose your type of glow and flaunt luminous skin with healthy glistening shine or with golden glow for evenings or adding a subtle natural radiance which can be worn even on daytime.

Best Liquid Illuminators - Highlighters

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