Eyes-O-Mania Series: Part 1 – Orange and Black Eye Makeup

This is something abrupt and totally unintended, I dont have the guts to sport such a bold and fiercy look so this is just for the sake of colors and Camera. The results and the vibrancy of the shade was something I was trying to achieve from long but next time I am going to limit the black to the crease.

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What Am I Wearing Today-Purple Hue

by poonam on August 16, 2013

What Am I Wearing Today-Purple Hue

This is one of the look when I started with something else in mind but nothing seemed to work and the result was just not good enough, thankfully it looked pretty nice from a distance so let it be. I drew this short winged eye liner so as to let the color take the centre stage. I added a navy blue eye liner on lower lash line to make the eyes look in cohesion with the tee.

What Am I Wearing Today -Purple Blue Eyes and Orange Lips

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Eyes-O-Mania Series: Part 3 – Indian Flag Inspired Eye Makeup

Its our Independence Day and how could I let the day go without wearing the Tri-colors of our National Flag.

Independence Day 2013 Eye Makeup 2

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Happy Independence Day @ 2013

by poonam on August 15, 2013

Happy Independence Day @ 2013

Hello Everyone, Wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day. I am not really happy today because of the deteriorating Indian economy and corrupted bureaucracy but would like to salute our armed forces for protecting us from enemies and helping us during tragedies. They are the truly the best part about our country and I respect them for all the sacrifices they make so that we can breathe easy and feel the freedom!


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Eyes-O-Mania Series: Part 1 – Gold and Green Eye Makeup

Off Late, I have been looking forward to try all sort of shades and styles with the eye makeup. I had been really bad at drawing and painting, used to do all sorts of “naataks” to stay away from Painting/drawing  classes/competitions but I am enjoying playing with colors for the first time in life not on the paper but on eyes. Surrendering to my “Color-OMA” spree, I created few of this eye look.

Eye-Makeup-O-Mania- Gold and Green Eye Makeup 4

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