Makeup Tips & Tricks Vol. 1: Use Eye Shadow as Eye Liner

by poonam


Makeup Tricks: Use Eye Shadow as Eye Liner

I am huge fan of colored eye liners and have stocked quite a few of them from Faces Canada Long Wear Eye pencils. I wanted to add all the UD (Urban Decay) one’s too but gosh they are so over-priced that his my wallet will cry in pain. So, looking for a solution and an alternate to colored eye liner I came up with this Idea.

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Steps to achieve the look:

Makeup Tricks - Use Eye shadow as Eye Liner
  1. Prepare your lids by applying the concealer or if you have oily lids dab some pressed powder
  2. Pick a smudge resistant eye liner/Kohl and line outer 2/3rd upper lash line
  3. Take a fluffy angled brush and smudge the liner quickly else it will set. Give a slight flick at the end if you want a winged eye liner style
  4. Damp you regular angled brush just slightly or spray a bit of finishing spray over it if you have one and dip it in the favorite colored eye shadow pot that you wish to use as eye shadow.
  5. Repeat Step 4 till you achieve the desired intensity and you are done!! 🙂

The liner lasted for almost whole day but faded lightly by end of the day as I used a damp brush only. I believe a fixing spray would have made it last longer. This trick would work well for dark colored eye shadows like blue, purple, green for light one’s I need to try some other trick. 😉

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Do you like colored eye liners? Have you ever tried this trick?