Guess the Purpose: Pooh Bear!!

by poonam


Guess the Purpose: Pooh Bear!!

Hello Everyone, I usually shop make, skin care, clothes and hell lot of other stuff but this time its a stationary item that I bought. It has been years that I even bought bought a pen forget pencil or eraser, we don’t need one in out today Laptop and smart phone life.. :P. No.. No.. I am not studying anymore nor planning to.. 😉 . I am not great at drawings or anything creative on paper either. 😉

Winnie The Pooh

I love cartoons except those Ninja -winja types who are always ar war.. I love cute ones like Winnie The Pooh, the horrendous but friendly fight between Tom & Jerry, $$ love of Uncle $crooge and Donald ducks adventures, the list goes on.. but I have a special place for Pooh Bear! You know why because he is so like me.. Lazy bum but can anything do anything for honey and he just love his friendsss..

Pooh and Tiger

I have been hunting for a Geometry BOX for quite some time and settled with this.

Pooh Bear Geomatery Box

Isnt it cutee.. :-* :-*

Geometry Case - Pooh Bear

Guess the purpose of this Geometry Box and win yourself a bowl full of Honey!! 😉