Faces Canada Eye shadow Brush Review

by poonam


Faces Canada Eye shadow Brush Review

I am always left dumbstruck to see the difference a beautiful eye makeup brings to the whole face. Since, my dive into the make-up world I have been struggling with eye shadows to get them right on my lids but getting successful was like a distant dream. Though most of the times I ended up looking terrible or you can say horrible but that didn’t discouraged me and I kept on trying. One thing that I could make out after my unsuccessful eye makeup attempts is that apart from skills and good eye shadows I also need a good Eye Shadow Brush for application.

For starting, I wanted to try my hands on an inexpensive brush so bought Faces Eye shadow Brush.


Product Claims: Soft nylon bristles. Use with eye powders to define, blend or contour.


Direction for Use:- FACES Eye shadow Brush is excellent for contouring, shaping and blending. With the flat side up, use a back-and-forth fanning motion to apply, blend or contour your favorite eye colors. 

For best results, regularly wash the bristles in warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Gently squeeze out any excess water and allow to air dry.

Price:- Rs.95

My experience with Faces Eye Shadow Brush:-

I whole heartedly used the sponge applicators provided with the eye shadows but I had never been able to get the look desired with them. They are difficult to use and also don’t pick up the intensity of the shade and blending the eye shadow seem to be out of course for them. So, using an eye shadow without a brush is going to be difficult task.


Faces Eye shadow Brush comes packed in transparent but thick plastic packaging. The brush has a slim black handle which is neither too small not too large which makes it easy to carry in the bag. The dark-brown colored bristles are soft and dense to give a smooth blending action. The length of the bristles is decent enough and picks up good amount of the eye shadow powder.


The long bristles make it apt for shading and the tapered shape proves useful in blending the eye shadow over the crease. The fluffy bristles feel soft over the lids and blends eye shadow like a dream. The bristles are nicely packed and don’t flare while working with the eye shadow and hence adds definition to the eye-makeup.


I have been using this brush for almost 6 months now and have washed it multiple times and it is still as soft as it was 6 months ago. It does shed 1-2 bristles every time but never looses it colors.


Faces is fastly becoming my most favorite drug store cosmetic brand with its super-pigmented eye pencils in beautiful yet very wearable shades ( Aqua Blue, Purple, Gray), Smudge-resistant Kajal which comes at a lovely price.

Pros of Faces Eye shadow Brush:-

  1. Super soft bristles
  2. Blends the eye shadow easily
  3. Brings up the true intensity of the shade on the lids
  4. Can be used as a shading brush
  5. The handle of the brush is small which makes it easy to carry along.
  6. Comes at a pocket friendly price
  7. Doesn’t get scratchy after washing

Cons of Faces Eye shadow Brush:-

  1. The shape of the brush doesn’t allow using it for applying eye shadow to the lower lash line and inner corner of the eyes precisely. I don’t feel it’s really a con but in case if you are expecting it to be.
  2. Does shed bristles but not majorly

Recommendation:- Faces Eye shadow Brush is a great budget buy and totally worth the money. The sturdy bristle head, easy to use and carry length, soft and fluffy bristles makes it fabulous eye shadow brush with an added advantage of almost no fall out.

The brush does it job perfectly whether it’s shading, contouring, blending or shaping. It’s good to test your eye shadow application skills with such inexpensive but quality brush before going for expensive ones. After a brilliant experience with this one I would love to try other brushes from Faces. I am really impressed with this brush and would recommend to all.


Rating:- 4.5/5

Have you tried Faces Eye shadow Brush? Do you prefer multi-purpose brush or separate brushes?