Eye Makeup Tutorial: Heart Winged Eye Liner

by poonam


Eye Makeup Tutorial: Heart Winged Eye Liner

Hello Dolls,

I am obsessed with winged eye liner and you will surely never find me without one but I do get boreed of my winged liners so I lay wit them a little and draw whacky shapes to see if they still look good ;). I have tried recreating that crazy Pixiwoos Inspired Liner Look, double winged liner and even a fishtail Eye liner look, so don’t forget to check them out.

Coming back to today’s look, I created this winged liner with a tiny little heart in there. I wanted to make the heart stand out but it just got really tiny during the process so will definitely try to recreate it with better results 😛 ..and to see that live don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel HERE <3

Eye Makeup Tutorial - Heart Eye Liner

Steps to Achieve the Look:

  1. Used some concealer to hide any darkness and did my brows
  2. To give some color to my lids I started with a slight shimmery peachy gold shade and with a flat shading brush, SIGMA E55 pat it all over the lids just below the crease area.
  3. With a tapered blending brush I applied a pinky coral eye shadow in the crease and blended it.
  4. Highlight the brow bone with a satin shimmery peachy shade for a defined brow bone look.
  5. Draw the lower part of Winged liner liner and with a felt tip black liner draw a little heart on the wing
  6. Finish up the winged liner but try not to cover the heart though cover sides so it look like a part of the wing.
  7. You can totally skip this step, but I added a little bit of smuged kohl on lower lash line.
  8. Apply a good amount of mascara or add false eye lashes.
Heart Eye Liner EOTD
Heart Eye Liner Eye Makeup
Heart Eyeliner Eyes
Heart Eyeliner EOTD 1

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!

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Loads of love.. :-* :-*

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