Doubts Discussion: Does Bleaches lighten skin as well?

by poonam


Doubts Discussion: Does Bleaches lighten skin as well?

From Ameena,

I have read your review on Olivia Herbal Bleach,to what extent did it lighten your skin. I have literally spent so much money on bleaches and they didn’t lighten my skin at all. I want to know if this product will really make me fair with regular use ?

Do you know of any bleaches that lighten the skin?


You can read my review on:  Olivia Herbal Bleach


Hey Ameena,

I have used the Olivia Herbal Bleach for lightening my facial hair and it did a fairly good job. It worked well in turning them to skin color making my facial skin appear lighter..

I couldn’t comment if it can make you look fairer or lighten your skin as bleach is basically used for lightening facial hair only.

There are tan cleaners available in the market which can help in removing the tan and make your skin look a bit lighter but no idea about skin lightening from bleaches.

Do you use bleaches for facial hair or skin lightening? Any favorite bleach/tan cleaner? 

Do you think bleaches can lighten facial skin?