Best Shilpa Shetty Yoga Poses for Weight loss – Top 10!

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Best Shilpa Shetty Yoga Poses for Weight loss

Shilpa Shetty is a stunner and drops anybody easily on the floor with the killer moves and looks. However, she is also considered as an eternal beauty and a fitness expert. She has a great body which she has maintained with the aid of yoga and regular exercises. She has been practicing yoga since the time she benefited from this form of exercise. She has also released a wide array of series which pertain to that of her Yoga exercises. Following are 10 best Shilpa Shetty yoga poses for weight loss.


Best Shilpa Shetty Yoga Poses for Weight loss – Top 10!

  1. Padahastasana: This particular asana is styled in that of Vinyasa. This refers to the poses which go right from hand to the foot. The term ‘Pada’ refers to foot in Sanskrit and ‘hastha’ refers to hands while ‘asana’ refers to pose. This benefits the body to become extremely flexible as it stretches the muscles of the leg and the back thoroughly.
  1. Makarasana

This asana is highly helpful for relaxing the nervous system. This is a basic pose of yoga and is the ultimate pose of relaxation. The term ‘Makara’ refers to crocodile in Sanskrit. It relaxes your back along with the spine, muscles and nerves.


  1. Dhanurasana

This yoga is beneficial for releasing stress while also provides relief from the menstrual cramps. This is again a basic pose which resembles to that of a bow. It helps in strengthening the back along with the abdominal muscles.

  1. ArdhaSalabhasana

Link: ith the autonomic nervous system. The pose matches to that of a grasshopper. This asana helps in strengthening the shoulders along with the arms.

  1. Bhujangasana

This pose helps in stimulating Svadhisthana Chakra while increasing metabolism. The trunk along with the head resembles to that of a cobra’s raised hood.

  1. Utthanpadasana

This asana helps in improving the blood circulation. It involves stretching of the legs while having a wide array of benefits. It helps in curing stomach disorders while strengthens abdominal organs. This asana is great for individuals suffering from diabetes, back pains, arthritis and heart problems.

  1. Virabhadrasana

This asana is great for increasing the stamina. It is also an extremely graceful pose which adds a lot of beauty to the entire workout process.

  1. Vrikshasana

This yoga pose is extremely beneficial for improving the stability along with the balance. You need to keep the eyes wide open while doing this pose.

  1. Vyaghrasana

This asana is extremely useful for strengthening the hip along with the back muscles. This is an extension of Cat Pose which helps in toning the spinal along with the sciatic nerves.

  1. Naukasana

This asana is extremely help in reducing the fat while strengthens lower body. This asana has been named after a boat’s shape. It helps in strengthening the back along with the muscles of abdomen. It further tones the muscles of the legs along with that of the arms. This asana also helps patients who suffer from hernia. These asana forms are extremely helpful to keep to body fit.

These are some of the Best Yoga Poses for Weight loss by Shilpa Shetty which she follows.

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She is epitome of beauty and truly an inspiration. I am just amazed by her transformation and how Shilpa Shetty Lost baby fat with Yoga to be fit again. She is inspiration for all the mummies like me who are dealing with baby fat post delivery and still struggling to lose weight.


Have you tried any of these Yoga Poses for Weight Loss? Which exercise regime you follow for weight loss?

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