Best Scrubs To Remove Sun Tan in India

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Best Scrubs To Remove Sun Tan in India

Summers are in full swing and the major skin issue I am facing right now is Tanning. Sun exposure causes skin tanning which is almost unavoidable in summers. Sunscreens are a good way to protect skin from harmful sun rays but even after applying a good Sunscreen one can get skin tanned to some extent. Skin tanning is even more prominent when you are back from a Beach vacation. Skin starts looking dark, dull and lifeless due to tanning but these Best Scrubs To Remove Sun Tan in India will help you get your glowing complexion back

There are a lot of Effective Home Remedies to get rid of the tan but if you are too busy to follow them then these easily available Sun Tan removal face scrubs could be your best. Tan removing face scrubs will buff the skin’s topmost layer removing all the dead skin cells and revealing brighter and beautiful skin underneath.

Best Scrubs To Remove Sun Tan

Best Sun Tan Removal Scrubs in India

  1. Biotique Bio papaya revitalizing tan removal scrub (Rs. 199 for 75gm): Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub is a thick creamy scrub composed of papaya which has anti tanning properties and helps in skin lightening and brightening. It is a good substitute for chemical laden scrub as you can indulge in the nature’s goodness with this scrub. It is a multi-purpose face scrub which also serves as a face pack. It cleanses effectively by removing dead skin cells, removes blackheads and tightens skin to a great extent giving me a clearer and brighter complexion. It works wonderfully on my skin
Best Scrubs To Remove Sun Tan In India -Biotique Bio Papaya Tan removal Scrub
  1. Organic Harvest anti Tan Face Scrub (Rs 495 for 50gm): Organic Harvest anti Tan Face Scrub is pearly white color scrub which gently exfoliates skin and helps unclog pores. It removes those dark and tanned cells, for a smoother, brighter, and more radiant skin. It is enriched with liquid shea butter and Pro Vitamin B5 which nourishes skin while removing tan. With regular use it also helps in reducing pigmentation making skin cleaner and brighter. It slightly pricey but does a good job at tan removal. My only issue is the strong scent it has :P. One of the best sun tan removal products available in the Indian market.
Best Scrubs To Remove Sun Tan In India - Organic Harvest Anti-Tan Scrub
  1. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Absolute Anti Tan Scrub (Rs 265 for 100gms): Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Absolute Anti Tan Scrub has a thick creamy consistency with pink colored granules. It contains Walnut and strawberry seeds for exfoliation. It also contains Turmeric which has antiseptic and Skin lightening properties. The scrubbing granules are slightly coarse so avoid if you have sensitive skin. But it is a great affordable option for detanning at home. It is one of best and affordable tan removing face scrub in India
Best Sun Tan Removal Scrubs in India -Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Absolute Anti Tan Scrub
  1. Ponds White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub (Rs 115 for 100gms):Ponds White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub is a creamy scrub with tiny granules. The scrub contains a powerful combination of tan solve beads and brightening cream. It gently scrubs away the daily tan while making your skin brighter and fresher. However the brightening cream makes the scrub more heavy and hence its not suitable for oil/combination skin. It works best for daily use as the granules are super tiny. Don’t expect wonders from the scrub as it is a gentle daily scrub.
  2.  VLCC Fade Tan Skin Polishing Face Scrub (Rs 175 for 80gms) : VLCC Fade Tan Skin Polishing Face Scrub is an orange colored gel like scrub with micro exfoliating beads. It is enriched with orange peel oil and lemon peel oil which effectively washes away sun-tan. And, the unique scrubbing granules exfoliate dead skin cells and superficial white and black heads. The scrub has a strong citrusy scent which can be an issue for some. Also, this VLLC Tan Removal Scrub is slightly drying which won’t work for dry skin.
  3. Glowing Buzz Herbal D-Tan Polisher (Rs 599 for 50 gms): Glowing Buzz Herbal D-Tan Polisher is a D-Tan scrub. It contains Grape Fruit, Light Kolin, Wheat Germ Oil, Mulathi Extract, Glycerin, Almond Oil which nourishes skin exfoliates dead skin cells. This D-Tan Polisher from the house of Glowing Buzz, gives instant result. Its works as polisher on tanning problems as it clears tan from Face, Hands and Under Arms with regular use. It can be followed by Glowing Buzz Anti Tan Pack for the better results.
  1. Adidev Herbals Devyam Sun Care Anti-Tan Pearl Fairness Scrub (Rs 177 for 150 gms): Adidev Herbals Devyam Sun Care Anti-Tan Pearl Fairness Scrub is a unique formulation, made from choicest emollients, minerals and Kaustubh bhasma which give unmatched radiance and glow to your face. Devyam Pearl fairness Scrub contains actives of herbal extracts and beauty minerals to not only control acne, pimples, dark spots etc. but also helps repair damaged skin. Devyam Pearl Fairness Scrub cleanses and tightens skin by removing excess oil & dirt. The gentle formula protects delicate facial skin and maintains skin nutrients and supplements skin with various minerals with glow of Gold. It helps repair damaged skin and thus makes it smooth and supple.
Best Scrubs To Remove Sun Tan In India- Adidev Herbals Devyam Sun Care Anti-Tan Pearl Fairness Scrub
  1. Sara Radiance D-tan Scrub: (Rs 380 for 100gms): Sara Radiance D-tan Scrub is formulated with Vitamin C and grapes extracts which evens the skin tone. The scrub is enriched with skin lightening ingredients which brightens the complexion of skin. The scrub also purifies and smoothes for clear, clean and fresh skin.
Best Scrubs To Remove Sun Tan In India -Sara Radiance D-tan Scrub

These are the most effective and affordable sun tan removal scrubs available in India. Now, as a bonus I am also sharing some quick home remedies to remove Sun Tan from face

Home Made scrubs for Sun Tan Removal:

  1. Lemon Scrub: Take gram flour, curd and Lemon to make this scrub. Mix required amounts of gram flour, lemon juice and curd to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on tan affected areas on face and start scrubbing gently to buff away the dead skin. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it with water. This is face scrub cum face pack is an effective home remedy to remove tan from your face.
  2. Baking Soda Scrub: This might sound weird but Baking Soda effectively removed Sun Tan. Mix baking soda with water in required amount and make a thick paste. Use it to scrub your face and other tan affected area.

So, overall these are some of the Best Scrubs To Remove Sun Tan in India from face. Now, you don’t to be scared of the Sun and can hangout on the poolside with your besties without worrying about Sun Tan.

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Have you tried any of these Scrubs To Remove Sun Tan? Which is your favorite method to remove Sun Tan?