Schwarzkopf BonaCure Repair Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner

I haven’t been experimenting much with shampoos off late as I have just recovered myself from severe hair fall but after finishing up my current Triclenz shampoo which was recommended to me by the Doctor. I started looking out for a good shampoo ( life of a blogger that she couldn’t resist experimenting :P ) and that’s when I planned to give a shot to Schwarzkopf Hair care range. To start with I picked, Schwarzkopf BonaCure Repair Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner.

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Colorbar Sheer Lust Creme Lipstick – Orange Bliss

Hello Everyone,

Are you a lip gloss or a lipstick person? I am more of a lipstick person because I don’t like the sticky feel that is inherited in most of the lip glosses and the way hair stick to my lips on a windy day.. ggrrr.. suckhs!! In spite of all these drawbacks it is a tedious task to convince a lip gloss lover to start with lipsticks because the sheer hint of color and the glossy shine is not something commonly found in lipsticks but wait.. I have found something like that!! Yes, I am talking about the recently launched Lust Creme Lipstick collection from Colorbar. I will be reviewing Colorbar Sheer Lust Creme Lipstick – Orange Bliss

Colorbar Sheer Creme Lust Lipstick Orange Bliss 09 Look

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Republic day Makeup Tips – How to wear Tri -Color with a Twist

Feeling patriotic and want to color yourself up in the colors of the day but don’t have any idea on how to put these colors together and look your patriotic best. I have few tips on how to play with the shades of saffron, white and green and twist them up to add to the festivities. Earlier I was planning to do a Makeup looks and all the tips mentioned here but the bad lighting yesterday didn’t help and I couldn’t go ahead with the plans.. If it gets sunny today I will surely do one and update later in the day but till then lets go through some of the looks that I have done earlier and could be your pick for the day! :)

Republic Day Inspired Makeup Look

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HerbaLife Skin Soothing Aloe Cleanser and Instant Reveal Berry scrub Review

Hello Everyone,

How often does it happen with you that you try a new product in market with barely any expectation but its performance makes you fall in love with it… Well, that’s quite rare to me as usually in skin care as most of the products just deliver satisfactory/average results but the new skin care range from HerbaLife Skin changed my notion and today, I have two of the Herbal life Skin care products the HerbaLife Skin Soothing Aloe Cleanser and  HerbaLife Skin Instant Reveal Berry scrub to share with you.

HerbaLife  Skin Soothing Aloe Cleanser and Instant Reveal Berry Scrub

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10 Best Lip Liner Brands In India

by poonam on January 22, 2015

10 Best Lip Liner Brands In India 

Lip liners are perfect partners for your lipsticks”. Lip Liners are not must have for everyone but if tend to wear darker lip colors or have thin lips than shades you surely need one to help you survive through the application and create an illusion of fuller lips .

Lip Liners not only highlight and define lips but also help in keeping the lipstick in place and prevent color bleeding which can look gross with darker colors. They are very versatile and can be used as a base for your lipsticks for a longer lasting color or on their own as lip color, you can top them with a Lip balm or gloss for a luscious tinted lip look.

10 Best Lip Liner Brands India

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