Asus Zenfone 2 Cover Design Contest: My Entry

by poonam on November 29, 2015

Asus Zenfone 2 Cover Design Contest: My Entry 

Hello Dolls,

I just gave my phone a good bath few days back and because of that I am already looking forward to add a beautiful beast in my Gadget Team. I love cool and quirky phone designs and when I think of buying a beautiful but efficient smartphone only “Asus” comes to my mind.

Asus ZenFones are known for their style, with each one of them so beautifully crafted and designed. I came to know about a design contest that Asus is hosting on their facebook page for the best cover design for the ZenFone and they are choosing winners every week.. How cool is that!

Asus Zenfone2 Cover Design [click to continue…]


Christmas Party Perfect Warm Smokey Eyes – Makeup Forever Makeover

Hello Dolls,

I am super excited for this..not only because I got a chance to get my face done by a professional makeup artist but because I waited for months to finally get this done!! Being a new mom I couldn’t step out of the house forget going all the way to mall and getting the makeover done.. phewww :P

But finally I made it this month and met Ajoy Sen Gupta, National Makeup Artists and Training head for Givenchy and Makeup Forever at the Sephora Counter, Promenade Mall – Vasant Kunj. I asked him to give me some warm smokey eye kinda look which isn’t too much for day time but perfect for evening celebration especially for the upcoming Christmas time. It is least to say that I loved the makeover he gave me and some of the makeup tricks he shared with me which I will list down, so you can also benefit from them!

Maekup Forever Makeover by Ajoy [click to continue…]


Sneak Peak: Luxie Makeup – Eye Shadows and More!!

Hello Dolls,

I am super excited to share and introduce you to another amazing brand ”Luxie Beauty”. I can’t believe that I got a chance to try their eye shadow and the newly launched liquid eye shadow primers.

Luxie Beauty is mainly known for its ultimate makeup brushes.. even Kathleen Lights have mentioned them in her favorites video. The brushes come with a pretty baby pink colored handle which looks so cute. Luxie Beauty recently expanded them and introduced Powder and liquid eye shadows too which I am going to show you today.. :)

Luxie beauty Eye shadow Haul

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Eye Makeup Tutorial: Yellow Bronze Eyes

by poonam on November 27, 2015

Eye Makeup Tutorial – Yellow Bronze Eyes

Hello Dolls,

I have a quick neutral to glam makeup look tutorial to share with you today. I started with a warm bronzy brown look which is perfect for day time for a hint of color on eyes but just dabbing a little bit of bright yellow transforms it to a lovely evening party look.

I have been a little obsessed with Yellow on lids these days and have been using it in many ways in most of my looks and I am actually liking how it looks in here on the lids.

Eye Makeup Tutorial - Bronze and Yellow Eyes [click to continue…]


Eye Makeup Tutorial: Blue Me Away

by poonam on November 26, 2015

Eye Makeup Tutorial: Blue Me Away

Hello Dolls,

I have been itching to an all Blue Eye look because I have been obsessing over Royal blues like anything. I guess Blue.. especially Royal Blue is my favorite color now!

I just wanted to keep Blue as the main shade so I didn’t made it look anything like smokey or like..rather added some bright orangey tones on lower lash liner for that bright and open eye look. I loved how the eye makeup turned out and hope you like it too..

Eye Makeup Tutorial- Blue and Pink Eyes [click to continue…]