Makeup Crush Chronicles: Part 2 – INGLOT Pressed Powder 

Hellooo Gorgeous..

It feels terrible to get up early in the morning but sound of chirping birds is like a music to ears which takes away all the stress and awful feeling of being the first one to wake up in the morning :) . So, continue talking about the things that I love these days is “Tandoori Paranthas” and “INGLOT Pressed Powder”.

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Nailed It: Swarovski Sizzle

by poonam on April 14, 2014

Nailed It: Swarovski Sizzle

Hello gurlz.

How was your weekend? Don’t tell me you had loads of fun and some girlie day out… :P because I had to be in office on Saturday and it doesn’t feel like I had a break at all from that stressful office work which is taking a toll on my skin. It has been weeks that I had done anything for my skin, forget my treasured pampering sessions at home on weekends. Not only facial skin is suffering but hair, feet, hands and even nails are in pathetic condition! Wish I could send them to the nearest service station ( just like out cars) and they come back to me all beautified and gleaming with a healthy look.. but that’s not possible as the week has started again and all the successive weekends are working too.. :( .

Nailed it - Glass files with Sarwoski

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Sneak Peek: Posts Preview 3

by poonam on April 13, 2014

Sneak Peek: Posts Preview 3

Hiyyaa Girlies,

I found out something about myself.. I am a “Work-o-holic” and cant get sleep if I have any issue/bug pending on me, all thanks to the working weekend and critical deadlines to deliver the code :-/  but during all this one thing that kept me happy was that I hadnt missed blogging and somehow managed to come back and read all the lovely comment!

I have lots of pending emails to be replied to.. hopefully will get it sorted today… :) .So, before I set myself up for my grilling week at office, lets look at all what i am planning to posts in the days to come!

Nailed it - Glass files with Sarwoski

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The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Shower Gel Review

Every girl love flowers and I isn’t any different. I am a die-hard Rose fan but I have come across many who disregard “The King” and like Orchids, Tulips over Roses. I like orchids too but my heart belong to roses only and today I am going to review a lovely rose fragrance body wash, The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Shower Gel.

The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Bathing Gel

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Makeup Moodle: New Launches and Brand Bashing

by poonam on April 11, 2014

Makeup Moodle: New Launches and Brand Bashing

Today I will be sharing some random thoughts that have been ruling my mind since last few weeks or may be months. I have been spoilt last month due to “Excessive Make-up shopping” in my husbands words but I would say I was overwhelmed for a moment when I saw how much I have bought in a span of 10 days and as expected a Shopping Ban to follow.

Makeup Muddle -Confused Makeup

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